What are Rentals?

Rentals on Lyuuniverse are available to stylists for fashion campaigns and TV / film productions. Rentals are not available for personal usage.

Rental costs vary per item. Insurance on the designer items is mandatory, either be done through or elsewhere if the production itself has insurance. Email to discuss costs.

What items are available for Rentals?

All Designer items are available to rent. Certain vintage or handmade goods are available to rent; custom items are for sale only. Email in order to inquire if your item qualifies for a rental.

A complete list of currently available designer rental pieces is available upon request. This often totals to 50+ items, with some secret pieces that are not listed for sale.

How do I request a Rental?

Send an email to in order to inquire for a complete list of available designer items to rent. Please include the subject line "rental" in your inquiry, note what items you are interested in & the requested rental dates. 

Terms & Conditions of Rentals:

- Items must be returned to Canadian location of LYUU by agreed upon date. 
- Return shipping must be tracked.
- Rental items can be purchased afterwards for the price of the item.
- Insurance on designer rentals is mandatory.