Payment Instalments

What are Payment Instalments?

Payment instalments is an option available on LYUUNIVERSE.COM for customers to pay for a designer item over time by dividing the purchase amount into smaller equal payments. This option is available only to designer items valued over $350.

How do I request a Payment Instalment?

Send a message to in order to inquire if your order qualifies for a payment instalments. Please include the subject line "payment instalment" in your inquiry.

Terms & Conditions of Payment Instalments:

Price of item is non-negotiable IF instalment payment is requested
- Instalments are bi-weekly, the item price must be paid on specified date (a listing for the designer good will be posted & emailed to the buyer on said date) 
- Total payment must be completed within the set time frame (must not exceed 1 month timeline)
- Item will only be shipped once paid in full
- Deposits are non-refundable, but the funds may be put towards any other items on LYUUNIVERSE.COM.

How do Payment Instalments work?

A listing for each instalment of the item will be posted to & emailed to buyer in order for payment to be completed; these listings will expressly state that the item will not be shipped out until payment is completed and that deposits are non-refundable. Upon the completion of  instalments the item will be shipped out.  

Example of Instalment price breakdown: Item is priced $800, this would total to $400 for per instalments. Second payment would be due 2 weeks after the first.